In extruded form with a higher density without moisture absorption or in expanded presentation in different presentations such as sheet, pipe insualtion

Mineral Wool

Rock wool insulation and sustainable recycled content that offers excellent sound absorption and fire protection for greater comfort. Contact us

Fiber Glass

Acoustic and thermal insulation made of low density flexible glass fibers bonded with phenolic resin in rolls. Advantages of maximum acoustic and


Made with inorganic glass fibers with a capacity of up to 454 C in various presentations such as pipe insulation, sheet, blanket

Foam Glass

Insulation made from hermetically sealed cellular glass which does not absorb moisture, water is not filtered, constant values ​​of insulation, incombustible does


Flexible closed-cell elastomeric insulation designed for duct insulation, cold pipes and cold temperature applications. Contact us

Mineral Wool

Rigid and semi rigid mineral wool (stone wool) insulation board for high temperature industrial applications subject to light mechanical loads, pipe insulation

Ceramic Fiber

Made with silica and alumina-based fibers, fire-resistant insulation with operating temperatures of up to 1425 C in various presentations such as blanket,


Dense Fire brick and insulating fire bricks, mortars, cements for different temperatures.. USES and APPLICATIONS: Ceramic ovens, Industrial Furnaces for heat treatment,

Calcium Silicate and Sodium Silicate

Made of calcium or sodium silicate with asbestos-free structural strength and low thermal conductivity for operating temperatures of up to 650 C

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